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Back in 1946, our story starts when the founder of Zakartex, our grand-father, starts manufacturing woven textiles using jacquard looms. From traditional jacquard punched cards to modern, fully automated jacquard textiles machines, his successors managed to weave a variety of complex patterns, using high quality materials.


Loomcode brand was born in 2022 by Yannita and Vasiliki in their effort to create affordable, comfortable and stylish bags, wearable from day to night for any occasion. At the heart of the brand are textile techniques that carry years of textile experience combined with modern technology, high quality materials and craftsmanship.


 We create things
we love to the 
people you love.


Our bags are completely designed, produced and manufactured in-house in Athens, contributing significantly to strengthen the Greek production and local craftsmanship. In order to avoid over-production and wasting resources, production is on-demand.

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